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LoveRems provides a natural, luxurious & chemical free alternative to skincare utilising resources provided by Mother Nature.

Our aim is to create an eco-friendly, luxury skincare brand that will leave your skin feeling supple & smooth and you feeling good inside and out.

LoveRems was created as a result of suffering with eczema as a child. Prescribed medications seemed only to supress the symptoms, I needed a cure so an investigation of alternative natural treatments was vital.

My research led me to Unrefined Shea Butter, Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil and Pure Cocoa Butter. The properties of these ingredients are extremely beneficial for soothing the skin and reducing inflammation. Due to the nature of these ingredients, my skin was deeply moisturised and dry skin was eliminated with regular use and a healthy lifestyle.

Our products are chemical free & vegan. We use Glass jars for many of our products, we do this as they do not leach chemicals as some plastics do if they're scratched or heated. Glass jars can be reused in many different ways or recycled after use. 



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